MASF Logistics (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. is one of the reputed Logistics company in the region


MASF Logistics is one of the reputed freight-forwarding and logistics company in the region, supporting trade and industry with global movements of goods through supply chain management, warehousing, contract logistics, worldwide ocean, air freight, and land transportation.

Buyer Consolidation

Buyer’s consolidation is a method of shipping freight from a point of origin to an end destination by grouping your shipments together into one larger shipment. By consolidating a number of shipments, you may be able to save on shipping costs and reduce the risk of damage to your freight.


Make Things Easier

We make things easier for our customers requirement by providing the best solution service in logistics industry.

Make Simpler

We make simpler of excellence and professionalism for our customers’ safety and satisfaction, with full confident in our services for International Shipping and Freight Forwarding.


Our growth in this competitive market place has been built on a reputation and ability to tailor our process driven products to meet our clients specific and evolving requirements.
We pride ourselves on our client focused approach to customer service and delivery.

Global Coverage

We do provide an exclusive Shipping Agency service with:
Our local qualified or partnership offices located in the most important ports of the world with the high-class support of our 24/7 coordination centers which cover all time zones all around the World.


“To be integrated service provider in logistics industry around the world”